Important The revenue of ads is used in charity. Salatuk est votre compagnon de prières! Adhan Alarm and Qibla 1. Traffic Spotter isa communitydriven resource. Paid version only Multiple set ofnotifications related to Prayer times to plan whatever actions youneed related to Prayer times before or after. Maroc Salat Athan 2. For more information check the Info pagefrom the option menu in the application.

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Traffic Spotter is the premier resource for providinginteractive,real-time traffic flow and incidents combined withweatherinformation for travelers across the world. Elle permetl’accès à une liste importante d’Adhans en ligne, pourtéléchargement ou écoute en ligne. Weather Radar lets you know where rain or snow stormsmaybe looming in your vicinity. Ministère des Habous et des Affaires islamiques, Maroc Munich, Allemagne Ministère des affaires religieuses et des Wakfs, Algérie Birmingham Mosquée centrale Département des affaires islamiques et activités de bienfaisance, Dubaï Autorité générale de l’enquête égyptienne Autorité générale des affaires islamiques et fonds de dotation, U. Known as the best mobile app for Athan and prayer times, our app isused by millions of Muslims around the world. If Athan app gives youincorrect prayer times, it is most likely due to your settings.

Mon salat premier est temps de prière islamique et la direction qibla, Cette application fournit des temps de prière islamic Salat et la life de la Qibla rirst que vous soyez dans le monde, vous ne manquerez plus Salat, même si vous avez voyagé. Paid version only Features list: Whether you are preparing for your daily commute oraboutto head out on a road trip, Traffic Spotter slaat you themostcomplete report of current traffic, road, and weatherconditions atyour current location as well as at yourdestination.


My Salaat First is Islamic prayer time and qibla direction, This application provides islamic prayer times Salat and the direction to the Qibla wherever you lige in the world, you will not miss Salat again even if you traveled.

Incase of any problem, please contact us at contact [AT]quanticapps. This szlaat provides islamic prayer times Salat and thedirection to the Qibla wherever you are in the world. L’application permet d’avoir les horaires des prières avec supportdu GPS et activation liye mode silencieux automatiquement pour chaqueprière.

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WeatherStation allows you to get the current llte, windspeeds, and more for the location you are viewing. Community spotters provide incident reports that can help youavoiddangerous road and weather conditions such as accidents, potholes,ponding roads, and more.

Take great professional photos at high resolution and forst. Une version lite de l’application SalaatFirst, elle a toute les fonctionnalités de l’application complètesauf la base de données des Ahadiths, le support de grandes écransHD, et 4 « adhan » au lieu des 7 de la version complète.

Ifyouencounter an event that has already been spotted, or hasexpired,you can confirm or dismiss that event.

Road Conditions currently covers the United StatesofAmerica. Firet vousoffre les fonctionnalités: Weather alerts arecurrently available forthe United States of America. Known as the best mobile app for Athan and prayer times, our app isused by millions of Muslims around the world.

salaat first lite

Driving is notonlyabout beating the traffic – beating the weather is justasimportant. Ajouter à la liste de souhaits. Sur les version récentes d’Android, il sepeut qu’il faut autoriser l’application à NE PAS etre optimisée,via l’option « Optimisation de la batterie ». Al-Moazin Lite Prayer Times 3.


salaat first lite

Paid version only Multiple set ofnotifications related to Prayer times to plan whatever actions youneed related to Prayer times before or after. For bug reports or bugson specific devicesand features requests please email us orvisit the app’s page. Traffic Spotter provides a RoadConditionsfeature, which saalaat you to find which roads are likelyto be icy,foggy, snowy, windy, or ponding approximately within thenext threehours.

This app calculates Muslims prayer times using the phone’s location latitude and longitude based on different conventions. Depending on your location, the application chooses theappropriate calculation method, Fiqhi school and Athan.

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Applications dalaat utilitaires, Le Saint Coran, les temps Adhan. Know if severe weather will impactyourtravel. GPS integration feature willhelp you get accurate prayer times wherever you are on earth! With Al-Moazin, you will not miss Salat again even ifyou traveled to a totally new country.

salaat first lite

WeatherStation reports areavailable world-wide. Horaires de prière, Coran, Qibla.

Salaat First

Q and acontact form are available on the application. My Prayer wear app for smartwatches runningAndroid Wear has been published.

Les annonces de cette applicationsont indépendants de ceux de l’application Salaat First. For betterexperience, please make sure your location is enabled!

Please enable the location service toget the prayer times otherwise the app can’t locate your city. Salaat First Liet 2.